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Oxford University is the oldest University in the English speaking world, and up to date one of the best and most prestigious in the world. Countless famous figures and great minds have studied here, and any visitors are – no doubt – walking in the footsteps of many of them, seeing the same views that they had. The University is made up of 38 independent colleges, and their quads and buildings can be found all over the city.

Many colleges open their doors to visitors at least a few hours every day. Many of them are free to visit, some charge a small fee. Opening hours can change without prior notice, and up to date times can be seen on the porter’s lodge of each college.

In the colleges, visitors can usually explore the college quad and gardens, as well as the chapel. Some colleges also open their dining hall to visitors, such as Wadham College and Christ Church, whose grand hall was the setting for Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the Harry Potter films.

Choral Evensong is a great way to enjoy a choir service in the heart of some of Oxford's University Colleges.

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Feel like Harry Potter and his friends when staying in one of Oxford’s history college quads and taking your breakfast in the imposing dining halls. Here, you are in the footsteps of countless great minds – who knows, maybe your room was previously occupied by one of the world’s political leaders, a nobel prize winner, a famous public author, or an Olympic medallist? Search for availability.

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