Animals & Nature

One of Oxfordshire’s most iconic views is – very unexpectedly - a family of Rhinos grazing in front of a beautiful Manor house. Their home, the Cotswold Wildlife Park, is one of Britain’s most popular zoos with over 250 animal species surrounded by beautiful exotic gardens and parklands. Not far from it, the UK’s only crocodile zoo, Crocodiles of the World, displays 14 different crocodilian species, along with other reptiles. Attractions like Millets FarmCogges and Fairytale Farm are home to a range of farm animals and pets, perfect for the little ones.

Oxfordshire’s great outdoors includes gentle rolling hills of the Cotswolds and Chilterns, both Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the green river valleys of the Thames, Oxford Canal, Cherwell, Windrush and a number of other streams.

Near Wantage, Britain’s oldest chalk figure, the Uffington White Horse, watches over a landscape steeped in history. Even in the city of Oxford nature is abundant, in the many parks and college gardens. Port Meadow is a vast expanse grazed by cattle, which already inspired Lewis Carroll to his famous tales of Alice in Wonderland, Wytham Woods is covered in Bluebells in springtime, and Shotover Country Park is a haven for wildlife close to the city.


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