Alice in Wonderland

Oxford and Alice in Wonderland go together like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and there are tonnes of ways you can explore the magic of Lewis Carroll's fabulous book.
(C) Andrew Walmsey

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland were first told on the 4th of July 1862 by the Oxford don Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll. He took the 10-year-old Alice Liddell on a boat trip up the River Thames, and to entertain the Alice and her sisters he told them story about a girl who fell down a rabbit hole into a world called Wonderland.

After the trip Charles Dodgson was persuaded to write down the story by Alice, and thus the first manuscript of Alice in Wonderland was published.

There are many attractions you can visit that boast fantastic Alice in Wonderland themed tours and events.

Oxford River Cruises run Mad Hatters Tea Party cruises, where you can indulge in a fantastic afternoon tea whilst following the same route up the river that Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell took on the famous ‘Golden Afternoon’ in 1862, when he created the story to entertain Alice and her sisters.

Experience Oxfordshire Official Walking Tours run a When Alice Met Harry themed walking tour, where you can explore the world of wonder of Alice in Wonderland in Oxford.

Why not visit Christ Church College, where Charles Dodgson studied and later took up a lectureship. Whilst wandering the college you can many nooks and crannies that might have influenced Dodgson when creating the story of Alice in Wonderland, and if you head into the Great Hall you can see the window dedicated to Lewis Carroll, which includes a portrait of Alice Liddell.

Every year Oxford celebrates all things Alice, with the annual Alice's Day celebrations. This year it'll take place on the 2nd of July, with fantastic events happening all over the city.

Before you leave it's worth popping into Alice's Shop to pick up some wonderful mementos of your time in Oxford.


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