Oxfordshire Visitor Statistics

The Economic Impact of Tourism on Oxfordshire 2015

This report, commissioned by Experience Oxfordshire, examines the volume and value of tourism to the local economy, and its effect on employment, using the widely recognised Cambridge Economic Impact Model.

The report revealed a positive picture for tourism in Oxfordshire in 2015, with overnight stays increasing from 2014 by 5%, employment figures rising to 33, 447, and the overall total value of trips growing by 5% to reach £1.96 billion.


Infographic - summary

Overnight stays from international visitors reached 0.6 million, with an average spend of £27 million per month in the local economy, whilst domestic nights per stay rose by 3.4%, and expenditure grew by 4%. The main purpose for trips both domestic and overseas was holidays (53%). Visitors to the County most commonly spent their trips staying with friends and relatives (41%), or in serviced accommodation (25%). Total direct visitor spend for 2015 was £1.54 billion, with the highest area of expenditure coming from the food and drink sector (32%).


Infographic - why and where


Chief Executive, Hayley Beer-Gamage, comments on the figures: “These are a really positive set of results and we are delighted to see the 5% growth in value…We remain committed to working hard to grow and develop Oxfordshire’s visitor economy.”

Overall, the figures found within the commissioned report reflect a thriving tourism economy in Oxfordshire that has continued to grow year on year.

The full report is available to read here.

Top 10 International Visitor Markets to Oxfordshire

In 2015 Experience Oxfordshire analysed data collated by VisitBritain to investigate the top visitor markets to Oxfordshire.

  • The top ten international visitors to Oxfordshire are: USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Irish Republic, Italy, Poland and Belgium.
  • For more information on international markets in Oxfordshire, read the full report.