The Cherwell is a river which meets the Thames in Oxford, and gives its name to the area north of Oxford – including the towns of Banbury and Bicester. Cherwell District borders the Oxfordshire part of the Cotswolds in the west, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire in the north, Buckinghamshire in the east and the city of Oxford in the south.

In the northern part of Cherwell, you can find gentle rolling hills, and nestled in them lies the town of Banbury, which is famous for its Banbury Cakes. The statue of a “Fine Lady”, which appears in the nursery rhyme “Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross”, and Banbury Cross itself mark the centre of the town. Close to Banbury lies magnificent Broughton Castle. At Hook Norton, you can visit the local Victorian brewery and taste some of their delicious produce – with a bit of luck, you can even see their horse carts delivering beer to the local area.

In the south of Cherwell district, the landscape becomes flatter, with green fields and meadows. Here you can find Bicester, with the famous Bicester Village retail outlet.

The Cherwell District is an excellent base to explore the nearby Cotswolds, Shakespeare’s country, Blenheim Palace, and the city of Oxford, while avoiding the price tag of city centre accommodation. There are also many charming villages in the area that are well worth a visit, such as Wroxton, Deddington, Islip, Horley, and Swalcliffe.

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