Five Reasons A Staycation In Oxfordshire Is Better Than A Holiday Anywhere In Europe

A Great Alternative
The end of August marked the final bank holiday of the year (apart from Christmas) and 5.1 million British residents opted for a Staycation over the weekend rather than travelling abroad. Many people have cited the result of the EU Referendum as a reason that people are opting against a holiday to Europe but there are a number of factors in play such as the cost of flights, accommodation and then the stress of actually travelling. A Staycation in Oxfordshire is a great alternative to the European holiday at a more affordable price and with less hassle.

Most likely to be the biggest factor whenever anybody wants to go anywhere for any reason, holidays abroad can be very expensive, particularly in key seasons like school or bank holidays when the prices are often driven up. This is where a Staycation can ease the pressure on your wallet, you instantly eliminate the airfare and hotels in England are usually cheaper to stay at during these peak times as most of the public are heading abroad. You also won’t need to worry about your European Health Insurance Card UK, as should you fall ill while away from home, you can usually find a local walk-in health centre to provide treatment until you’re set to return home.

Everybody needs a break eventually, it’s not healthy to work flat out and you’ll need a little time to recharge the batteries. There is no reason that a Staycation in Oxfordshire can’t be just as relaxing as break in Paris. Even though you’re still in your home country, you can be far enough away from your hometown that you can forget all about the worries and responsibilities you’ve left behind for the time being. Providing you keep yourself distracted and out of the habit of your daily grind, you will feel the true benefit of a holiday.

If you’re being honest you probably won’t miss being on a plane. You don’t really need the turbulence or the high altitude that makes your ears pop. Plus if you have young children you’ll know how restless they can get on long journeys. Opting for a Staycation means cutting a considerable chunk off of your travel time and a shorter car or train journey should be a lot more palatable. Also, less time travelling means you can spend more time enjoying the sites and attractions in Oxfordshire.

Generally speaking you can take more Staycations than holidays. Because of the shorter distance to travel a Staycation can be ideal for any weekend, which is useful if you can’t take any more time off work for a two-week holiday. A short break every month or so means you’ve always got something to look forward to as opposed to one holiday which could another 12 months away.