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A Journey Through Broad Street

25 January 2017

For our second blog of the year, we thought it only right to start off exactly where our story began – on the beautiful, historical Broad Street. Home to two University colleges, the Sheldonian theatre, the original Blackwell’s bookstore, the first ever Oxfam shop, and us! - Experience Oxfordshire; Broad Street is a little gem just waiting to be explored. Adorned with listed buildings and steeped in rich history, this charming street is everything that you would imagine Oxford’s quirky streets to be like, so let us take you on a short journey...

In Store in Oxfordshire - 2017

17 January 2017

Welcome readers to a New Year! Keep up to date with us on our blog as we write weekly posts informing you of how to stay busy and explore the very best of Oxfordshire. Whether you’re visiting for the very first time, or have lived in Oxfordshire your whole life, we promise to bring you something different every week that will be sure to keep your agendas full!

Oxfordshire: a place to stand and stare!

1 January 2017

Oxfordshire is, for many of its visitors, primarily the place where you can find Oxford, and in their mind’s eye, Oxford is synonymous with the university, a hallowed historical institution with wonderful buildings from which age-old knowledge is imparted to some of the world’s finest students.